Welcome to the forefront of advanced engineering solutions—StructPro LLC, strategically based in New York, USA, emerges as a distinguished software technology company. We specialize in developing state-of-the-art automation solutions tailored for structural engineers, harmoniously integrating with renowned third-party structural engineering software such as ETABS, SAFE, SAP2000.

StructPro User Interface

Our commitment is to empower professionals in the field, allowing them to channel their focus towards pivotal engineering decisions. At StructPro LLC, we recognize the significance of time and the demands of intricate tasks. Through our cutting-edge automation solutions, we ensure a seamless transition from the complexities of structural analysis and design to a more refined, efficient workflow.

Interaction with CSI Model

In addition to our individual-centric approach, we extend our expertise to corporations managing large-scale projects. StructPro LLC introduces meticulously crafted workflows, bespoke design templates, and sophisticated automation tools. Our objective is clear—to significantly reduce the effort expended on repetitive tasks, optimizing operational efficiency to unprecedented levels.

Automation for Engineering Calculation

Choose StructPro LLC for an unparalleled professional experience—where innovation meets precision, and your time is valued. Elevate your engineering endeavors with StructPro LLC—a symbol of excellence in structural automation.